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 Dreamland- A Short Commentary 
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Post Dreamland- A Short Commentary
    Dark Entity Visitations
    Sleep Paralysis
    NDE's while Dreaming
    Night Terrors
    Sleep Walking, Talking
    Hearing Conversations
    Dreams within Dreams
    Dream Waking Synchronicities
    Subconscious Projections
    Solving Technological Problems
    Meeting Guides
    Interstellar Travel
    Time Travel
    Alternate Universes
    Visits Beyond the Grave

I encourage anyone who experiences the above to post some of your interesting accounts. It will be my pleasure to help anyone on their path. It is said, with a better grasp on your subconcious dream reality, we can feel happier and solve problems in our waking life.

While visionaries will say "the mind is the final frontier" I would like to emphasize that it's dreamland.

Dreamland seems to encompass a lot, and there's little understanding of how it all works, and what it all means. Freud and Jung made attempts to explain the forces that create dreams, but fall short when trying to explain supernatural phenomenon that occurs during dreams. Even Jung himself admitted that certain works of his was wrong near the end of his life. It is possible that dreams are not what we think it is to be? Just mere projections of a subconscious mind trying to relax you to get ready for the next work day? or are you connecting with something else?

What Can be Actually Occurring?
Could it be we are tapping into a web of pure knowledge and creativity. That if we got over our subconscious issues and problems will be able to experience dreamland in a HIGHER QUALITY. Such a metaphysical difference as the electronic section of Walmart or stepping into the serene waters of ancient Egypt.

In one book, "Lucid Dreaming", a therapist describes a subject recalling a dream about a move to a new apartment, the broken object that was moved (plate), and other characteristics of the environment . Unaware to the subject, the therapist had the exact event occur in her life prior to the session. In my personal life, I have a cousin that will tell me dreams that I am in. Unknown to him, the people and places in these dreams are familiar to me, but not to him. My only guess is that he is tapping into a web of knowledge that is freely floating for the world to see.

Why you should be concerned?
IF the government knows about such a world, would there be ways to suppress your access to knowledge, spirits, and people to keep you disconnected. When I say this, it may remind you of a Matrix type theme- programs creating agents and other things to keep you locked down. But we really don't have to stretch that far. The brain can pickup sounds and noises in the airwaves without conscious detection. So imagine what can be seeping into your brain making you feel a certain way without you knowing. I'm not saying that HAARP is targeting you for nefarious purposes, It can be accidental that common electronics that are in your house, neighborhood, malls, casinos, all can give you a high or low to indirectly control your mood. In this sense, these waves floating around can effect your dreams. Audible or inaudible.

Melatonin- Key to Vivid Dreaming
I have read a lot about writing down your dreams to be an effective way to get more lucid dreaming. Instead, I have used sleep pills with melatonin. As my new agey girlfriend reads that, she says it's wrong to take sleeping pills because "it takes away the body's innate capability to produce it."

Well listen new age bitch-Which is why I was going to write about natural ways to stimualate melatonin production through vitamin supplements and experience plenty of meditation in the dark (for DMT production). LEt me FINISH. Eck. Woman.

In the material world we have to think, organize, create, think some more, get approvals, fix any mistakes, and bam, then it materializes. Dreamland is just the instananeous version of the real word. There's greater emphasis on controlling excitement (not to wake) and using will power (to create). But some places are not acocunted for, like unfamiliar speech patterns being used or artwork and stories never heard before. It's all waiting for you to be plucked out of the ether and materialized in the real world.

TO be cuntinued.

Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:05 pm
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Post Re: Dreamland- A Short Commentary
Lucid Dreaming is a good book. I could do it naturally as a child (lucid dreaming) but cannot now. I've tried and tried. Oh well...


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Thu Apr 14, 2011 5:46 am
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Post Re: Dreamland- A Short Commentary
Egg wrote:
Lucid Dreaming is a good book. I could do it naturally as a child (lucid dreaming) but cannot now. I've tried and tried. Oh well...


And try some mantras using sanskrit language and mantras. It's heavily vibrational. Possible a direct connection to the divine.

Thu Apr 14, 2011 6:08 am
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Post Re: Dreamland- A Short Commentary
Egg if you ever quit smoking with the patch, sleep with it on. I've had some wild ones.

I haven't studied dreams very much, but I usually dream about something currently happening in my life or a current event.

My mom has always been a vivid dreamer too.

Twice I've had a prophetic dream. Well, one might be, the other definitely was.

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Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:35 pm
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